How to Convert Monoline Opportunities to Full Accounts Without Trying

By Kurt Thoennessen, CAPI

Account rounding has been a common practice in the insurance industry for a long time. This is because insurance is most often bought when there is a need for it, ie. new home or car purchase, not because people are looking for a holistic risk management plan.

These transactions bring new clients to a book of business and agents can increase their revenue by asking to quote additional lines of business for the client.

RiskRevu’s smartforms can help streamline the account rounding process by giving clients an easy way to provide their information to an agent without experiencing a high pressure sales pitch or long phone calls.

Here’s how RiskRevu is helping agents round accounts with ease.

New prospects for monoline policies (ie. home, auto, etc.) are directed in an email to complete the RiskRevu Personal Insurance Package Form online.

The Personal Insurance Package Form can be customized by the prospect to allow them to enter information for the lines of business for which they would like a proposal. The experience for the prospect is streamlined and eliminates sales pressure, which results in a higher probability that the prospect will request additional quotes.

Prospects typically understand the value of bundling. They just need/want the process to be efficient and enjoyable. RiskRevu makes that possible with our Personal Insurance Package form and our users are enjoying the time they are saving and the additional policies they are writing.

Kurt Thoennessen

CEO of RiskRevu and Personal Risk Advisor at Ericson Insurance Advisors